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Rooftop Owners

Have you got an available rooftop? You can buy clean energy from a Solar Rooftop without buying the solar panels


We bring together Rooftop Owners and Solar Service Providers with Win-Win conditions

Solar Service Providers

Are you searching for rooftops on which install solar panels with a «Solar as a Service» business model?

Now it’s not only for them

Start to save money thanks to your rooftop with SunnyREV
- Don't pay for solar panels purchase and installation
- Buy the energy produced at the best market conditions
- Use clean energy from renewable sources
- Benefit from numerous services

How it works?

The Solar Service Providers will compete between themselves in order to give you the best market conditions.
They will install solar panels on you rooftop with no money up-front and sell you the energy produced at a cheap price.
At the end of the auction, you will always have the last words!

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Switch to solar with SunnyREV. You're in a good company.

A modern web application easy to use

User interface completely built in HTML5, Bootstrap and jQuery and optimized for mobile devices.
You can easily add your rooftop, search on the map and manage auctions.

Benefit of the best market conditions

Put in competition the Solar Service Providers for your rooftop.
They will give you the cheaper price for buying the energy produced by the Solar Rooftop.

Reverse Auctions

Solar Service Providers will submit their best quotes to develop the Solar Rooftop

Pick the Quote

Pick the best quote from the right Solar Service Provider and start saving money.

How much you save from switching to solar energy?

Find it out on SUNNYREV.
Submit your energy consumption and consider if switching to solar is suitable for you.
For any question, call us! Our solar consultants can help you find out if Solar can save you money.

What’s the best option for buying energy from the solar rooftop?

Find it out on SUNNYREV.
Compare the offers from different Solar Service Providers in a fast and easy way. Decide which is the best one.

Amazingly Simple Use

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How is it going the Solar Rooftop?

Find it out on SUNNYREV.
Access to the production of your system everywhere and anytime.

SunnyREV is a project of Rethink - Sustainable Solution: a technical advisory and engineerging company that wants to foster the transition to a Circular Economy model through innovative solutions in the energy and environment sector. It has been included in the restrictive list of the Innovative Start-Ups of the  italian Chamber of Commerce thanks to its commitment in Research & Development, highly educated people and services with high technological values.